The Garden

Who we are

On the Via Francigena, a few meters from the Dolmen of Montalbano in the province of Brindisi, in the center of the plain of monumental olive trees, in a strip of land owned by the Zizzi family, the MILETO GARDENS is born.

An ancient quarry and the surrounding land, converted into a naturalistic park characterized by plants from all over the world.

The road is crossed daily by tourists on foot or by bike, by religious pilgrimages and by visitors staying in the numerous historic farms in the Valle d’Itria.

Biodiversity, redevelopment, inclusion and promotion of the territory are just some of the values ​​underlying this project. This beauty botanical garden offers the opportunity to get closer to nature and learn about its immense variety, while remaining in an urban context. An experience capable of enriching the mind and heart, for the whole family.

Fourteen hectares of land on which a unique route unfolds divided into thematic areas, different in flora, coming from different areas of the Mediterranean, but also of the world, particularly compatible with our particular climate area.

THE PATH extends along a tree-lined path lined with species with different flowering periods in order to offer an alternation of colors between the different annual seasons.

The second area of the garden is represented by THE THEATRE, which due to its natural conformation lends itself as a backdrop for events of all kinds. On the high rocky walls, shrubs such as Hawthorn, Myrtle and Pistacia mastic predominate, which together with the red of the earth create an unparalleled stage.

IL PALMETO, where art and poetry intersect each other, stimulating the visitor’s imagination. The rustle of sugar canes, the gurgling of water and the swaying of the Pampas are a source of calm for the mind.

The fourth area, “THE DESERT“, is made up of succulent plants (commonly called succulents) intended to reproduce an environment typical of those areas without water to demonstrate that even in arid and rocky areas it is possible to create an eco-sustainable garden.

The fifth area is THE OLIVE GROVE. An area that signals the evolution of olive growing through the thickening of an ancient olive grove and its conversion into an intensive semi-irrigation system. Furthermore, in this area it is possible to observe how the number of animal and plant species changes further.


The sixth thematic area is represented by THE ORCHARD. Here colours, scents and flavors intersect with each other. It is possible to observe the intercropping of different types of fruit trees, new and ancient cultivars, with medicinal and aromatic herbs and at the same time it is possible to taste the different seasonal crops and taste or purchase the extra virgin olive oil we produce.