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A garden so large and unique in its kind – in size and variety of species – deserves to be admired by visitors from all over the world. The ideal way to explore it is certainly to be guided by highly qualified personnel within the naturalistic park, to discover all the host plant species. In particular, you have the possibility to:

  • Learn the evolutionary path of each plant;
  • Understand the association of each species with respect to the others and the balance of the ecosystem;
  • Discover rare or endangered vegetation grown in the garden for conservation purposes;
  • Admire incredible blooms and discover unusual fruits;
  • Know the study activities of the structure.


A specific activity is planned for schools, through guided tours that allow them to learn the evolutionary path of plants, the association of each species with the others, the balance of the ecosystem, but also through initiatives that include training through games, team competitions to identify a specific species, sowing of plants under the supervision of experts and moments of leisure in the walkable green areas.




The botanical garden can also host artistic events, both during opening hours to the public and through extraordinary evening openings. Initiatives may include:

  • Exhibition of paintings and photographs;
  • Presentation of books and meetings with authors;
  • Small concerts;
  • Ballets and dance shows;
  • Plays of light and film projections.

Furthermore, the botanical garden offers the possibility, guaranteed by few gardens, of organizing special events, mostly private.

The alternatives are the most disparate, wedding ceremonies for a few guests, photo shoots, film or television sets, sports celebrations and much more.

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